How To Grow Your Own Coffee Beans In Your Garden


For the faithful coffee fan, harvesting a coffee tree is the ultimate final phase in grasping the entire end to end progression of creating a great cup of coffee. Although it is a long term undertaking and will require a great deal of dedication, growing your own personal coffee bean plants at home may be carried out and the satisfaction that you get from it can be hard to beat.

Where is coffee usually grown?

Coffee is commonly grown in what we call the bean belt, which is a strip circling the world in between the tropics of cancer and capricorn. This area is ideal as a result of the ideal climate that coffee trees prefer to grow in, and that is mild warmth with plenty of rain and shaded sun. It is possible however to plant them in your house and garden as long as you are able to manage the conditions in which they are kept.

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How you can grow coffee yourself

The best way to control the conditions where your coffee plant grows is to sow them in flowerpots and move them around as required.

When you get hold of a handful of fresh coffee seeds, plant them 1-2 inches deep in to some high grade flowerpot soil with decent water drainage. The soil ought to be moist but never soggy, so a light mist spray is recommended when watering them at first.

The plants need to be kept at heat levels of around 60-65F at night and more than 70F in the day and not in direct sun. Ideally, the weather will change on a regular basis from heavy rain to warm sunshine to bring your plants to maturation perfectly.

Depending on where you live in the world, you might need to carry your plants indoors or into a heated green house in colder months as you absolutely do not want them to freeze to death.

Now here is the kicker … It is going to be as long as 4 years before your coffee plant starts to produce any coffee beans, and it will not be at complete harvest before it’s sixth year!

When this time does arrive, your coffee plant can show plump red berries which hold two coffee beans surrounded by a sweet pulp. Grab them when they are ripe and not before as they will not ripen off the tree in the same way that, say, a banana does.

Surprisingly, the coffee plant will not produce all of its ripe berries all at once. You are going to find berries in each stages of their lifecycle at any given harvest time, starting with blossom, through to unripened beans and of course prime berries.

One coffee plant will generate around 1 to 1.5 lbs of roasted beans each and every harvest, so you might want to uncover space for a lot of plants if you want to be able to experience your home grown coffee all year round.

Roasting your coffee beans

When you have acquired a bunch of sweet, plump cherries from your coffee plants you are going to have to take out the seeds from within the pulp. The seeds are the things you will be roasting.

While it is possible to toast coffee beans in your oven, it may tend to make your apartment smell for rather some time after. It is way easier and you are a lot more likely to make a nice roast if you invest in a home roasting machine.

Roasting coffee beans is a whole other issue that is worthy of an in depth breakdown of it’s own. After all, if you are starting at this time you have got roughly 4 years before you have to learn how to roast!